This document is intended to provide general information. The information in this White Paper shall not be used or used in any form as investment advice, buying or selling recommendations. This white paper contains or contains no information or instructions that can be considered as an investment proposal or used as a basis for investment needs. The delivery of Vision AI on the platform is not for speculative purposes but for adoption as a utility token required to use the Vision AI platform. 

Provides VAI as a reward for participation in the blockchain ecosystem within the platform. The purchase of VAI and nodes is an agreement to form the foundation of the ecosystem as an early contributor to the blockchain ecosystem promoted by the Vision AI. Receiving VAI within the platform is not an act of investment in securities, but participation in the form of support and contribution to utility distribution of the Vision AI platform does not grant legal status to any target corporation. Before purchasing VAI and node credentials, we strongly recommend that you carefully review the white paper and all documents related to it, including the aforementioned purchase agreements. 

Accordingly, the acquisition of VAI in any recognizable manner does not grant the buyer any rights or influence over the Vision AI project, but is limited only to the right to participate in decision-making as a member of the DAO and to smart contact. Anyone wishing to purchase VAI must be aware of Vision AI platform's business. However, depending on the stage of business development of the platform, legal rights may be provided with the approval of each country's regulatory body if necessary.

This white paper may be subject to amendments due to new regulations and compliance requirements of applicable laws in all jurisdictions. In such cases, the purchaser of VAI and Node and all others who wish to purchase it understand and acknowledge that Vision AI Foundation and all other affiliates are not liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage caused by any form of drastic fluctuation in the value of VAI. 

VAI prospective buyers considering the contribution of the Vision AI ecosystem acknowledge and understand that the platform does not provide guarantees that they can achieve it with sufficient expectations. Therefore, with the exception of international misconduct or gross negligence, we acknowledge and understand that we are not liable and responsible for any loss or damage that may result from the unavailability of platforms and services, including Vision AI Foundation and its employees, and we acknowledge that we are a full supporter of the project's success. The Vision AI team will do their best to develop and start operating maximizing inter-layer  interoperability in accordance with the roadmap.


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